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Optimize provider schedules and student groups

Deliver more services, in less time, with fewer providers.

Take the guess work out of scheduling IEP services. AcceliSCHEDULE helps districts dramatically reduce the time spent coordinating and delivering student services by automatically generating optimized provider schedules and student groups

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Reduce scheduling time from weeks to hours.

Your providers’ time is best spent with students. Not managing an ever-changing caseload. Help them optimize their time with AcceliSCHEDULE’s smart-scheduling technology. It automatically creates student groups and service calendars, reducing scheduling time by up to 80%.

Create a schedule that works for all.

Eliminate time wasted creating service calendars that conflict with class schedules or district and teacher pull-out restrictions. AcceliSCHEDULE’s scheduling algorithm accounts for these limitations and alerts providers when there are conflicts. Better yet, providers can enter their own preferences, like ideal group size, preferred and blocked times, and which students to group or not group together, ensuring service calendars work from the get go.


Adapt to changing service requirements.

Student service requirements are fluid. Your scheduling tool should be too. AcceliSCHEDULE allows for the creation of multiple versions of calendars and can adjust as caseloads change throughout the year, with as little as one click.