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Complicated Language Excludes Parents from the IEP Process in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

August 23, 2019

What happens when the IEP document intended to inform the parents of students with disabilities of their rights is written at a reading level that’s beyond their ability? This week’s featured article tackles that question. In other news, two studies challenge common claims about disproportionality in special education and a school district in Colorado sees […]

ICE Raids Send Schools Scrambling in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

August 16, 2019

As students begin returning to classrooms, this week’s featured article examines how schools are reacting in the wake of recent ICE raids that are leaving many students without parents to go home to. In other news, the U.S. Department of Labor issued an opinion letter that makes IEP meetings a valid reason for family and […]

This Supreme Court Case Made School District Lines A Tool For Segregation in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

July 26, 2019

Happy Friday! This week’s featured article highlights how school district lines have increased school segregation and massive discrepancies in school funding. In other news, principals share what keeps them in their profession; a Pennsylvania school district threatens foster care for student’s with lunch debt; tips for encouraging students to ask questions are shared; and the […]

8 Ways We Can Change How Schools Are Organized, Funded, Measured and Led to Prepare Grads for the Age of Automation in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

July 12, 2019

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost upon us, but before you check out, be sure to participate in our Apple Watch giveaway. Details below! In education news, our featured article this week highlights eight dynamic and innovative ways education’s most debated topics may be changing in the future. In other news, a survey finds teachers […]

U.S. Schools Underreport How Often Students Are Restrained Or Secluded, Watchdog Says in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

June 21, 2019

Happy Friday! Our featured article this week focuses on the use of restraint and seclusion in the classroom and how under-reporting on this practice could have crippling affects on students with disabilities. In other news, improved school culture is found to increase student attendance; Kohl’s introduces sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing for kids with disabilities; researchers […]

The High Cost of Undercounting in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

June 14, 2019

Happy Friday and welcome Summer Break for those who ended the school year this week! Our featured article highlights how a new question on the 2020 decennial census may have a devastating impact on federal K-12 funding for school districts that serve the most vulnerable students. In other news, a muppet with Autism helps to […]