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Accelify has helped me achieve work life balance ... most days, I forget that they are a vendor; they are truly a part of our team.

Medicaid and Operations Manager
District of Columbia Public Schools

Accelify has done an outstanding job. Their system and staff have helped us increase Medicaid revenue every year. Accelify is always looking to make our district work smarter. Accelify looks at their system and how we are using it and comes up with ways to make it better for us. They ask us for ideas and work on ways to bring those ideas to life.

Medicaid Coordinator
Chesterfield County
Public Schools, VA

Since we started using Accelify, our revenue has increased dramatically. Project staff have conducted multiple training sessions and are always available when new staff onboard, engage with us via regular phone conferences, and keep us on schedule. Our staff are also impressed by the level of support they receive from the help desk. They are just a phone call away whenever questions arise.

Medicaid Coordinator
Virginia Beach County Public Schools, VA

Our experience working with Accelify has been nothing less than exceptional. Their flexible software platform has allowed us to customize many aspects of the systems and the development process has been seamless. I know I speak for myself and my entire team when I say I would recommend Accelify to any school district looking for a software development partner.

Director of Special Education
Hampton City Public Schools, VA

Each year Accelify’s staff is ready to train new employees and work with us on sample moments and billing. They are always up to date on new federal and state guidelines. We’ve had a great relationship with them over the years.

Related Services Administrator
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

Accelify’s staff are experts in their field and are continuously an outstanding resource for us. The pre-monitoring service our District receives prior to our audit review is superior. I appreciate the support and the genuine care the people involved with this company bring to our District.

Student Support Services Secretary
Highlands County Schools, FL

Accelify allows me to worry less about scheduling and documentation and instead focus fully on the students and helping them achieve success at school. I love the reports that can be created with Accelify, and I love how the system helps me monitor my IEP compliance.

Occupational Therapist
ReNEW Schools, LA

Accelify has been remarkable. Project and technology staff have been responsive and proactive, ensuring program implementations run smoothly. Their customer support team is always available to answer programmatic questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide training. What amazes me the most is that they truly enjoy what they are doing. They take great pride in their product and they don’t just fill a request for a change – they make that request even better.

Medicaid Coordinator
Broward County
Public Schools, FL

Accelify is the first vendor I have worked with that allows us to do much more than Medicaid billing. With Accelify, our therapists don’t have to worry about Medicaid billing. They simply document their services, and Accelify does the rest. If therapists can focus on their students, and not worry about Medicaid billing, they can provide more effective services to students.

Medicaid Clerk
St. Tammany Parish School Board, LA

Accelify’s billing solution has enabled us to report progress, identify new revenue opportunities, and make adjustments as necessary. In addition, their consulting services have consistently provided insights into nuanced reimbursement policies. They have advised on best practices and exhibited dedication to identifying every opportunity to maximize allowable revenue.

Medicaid Recovery Director
DC Office of the
State Superintendent
of Education

With Accelify, providers are better equipped to provide accurate documentation of student progress while delivering services that will enrich the lives of each student.

Speech and Language Pathologist
Jefferson Parish School District, LA

Accelify's electronic documentation has increased my attention to quantifiable student progress.

Speech and Language Pathologist
Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA