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6 Ways Districts Can Promote Data Interoperability

June 3, 2019

By: Jessica Leigh Brown

Source: EducationDive

Defined as the seamless, secure exchange of information between various systems, the need for data interoperability has increased in K-12 education. As technology’s role in the classroom expands — from mobile apps to learning management systems to collaborative software — educators are finding they must manually transfer data because the various platforms are not designed to “talk” to each other.

This transfer costs hundreds of hours each year, says Erin Mote, executive director and co-founder of InnovateEDU. “If we’re emailing student information in CSV and getting a vendor report in PDF, teachers must transcribe that data from one format to another,” Mote says. “If they’re doing that for 20 tools because they’re using many types of technology, the task can consume much of their weekend time.”

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