• Accelerating the Future of Children Nationwide

    Accelify provides K-12 data management systems that streamline district processes and deliver analytic tools to support better decision-making across all departments and levels of district administration. Our systems provide unprecedented visibility into district operations to create efficiencies in program management, ensure compliance, reduce program costs, and maximize federal funding through our proven Medicaid consulting practice.

  • Auto Resource Allocation and Scheduling Tool

    AcceliSCHEDULE is an automated resource allocation and scheduling tool for service providers. The system includes robust Workload Management and reporting capabilities to help school districts determine exactly what level of resources are required in each school, and district-wide, to ensure the appropriate delivery of services. Once resources are allocated, the system automatically generates optimized provider calendars and student groups at the click of a button.

  • Special Education Data Tracking

    AcceliTRACK is a calendar-based data management system designed to track and report on progress for special education related services and assessments, and other points of data that are used to provide decision support. The system provides tools to help staff more efficiently manage their caseloads and provides administrators with unprecedented visibility into staff performance to increase workforce productivity, manage IDEA compliance, and reduce program costs.

  • Student Transportation Tracking and Billing

    AcceliROUTE simplifies student transportation management and billing. The system allows administrators to build or import bus routes and track student bus attendance using scannable bus logs for automatic data processing. When integrated with AcceliCLAIM, the system performs the necessary direct health service data matching and Medicaid validations to automatically convert eligible transportation services into Medicaid claims.

  • Fully Integrated electronic IEP system

    AcceliPLAN is a web-based IEP system that streamlines the IEP development process. Rich with reporting tools, the system provides districts with top-level and student-centric views of their special education population resulting in more informed decisions on special education determinations and more. Designed to work independently or in seamless conjunction with AcceliTRACK, the system keeps districts IDEA compliant by verifying that all related services prescribed in a student's IEP are delivered.

  • Fee for Service Medicaid Billing System

    AcceliCLAIM automates many aspects of school-based Medicaid claiming. The system identifies eligible services and students, builds claim files, and submits those claim files to the state Medicaid agency. AcceliCLAIM significantly reduces the workload associated with claiming Medicaid reimbursements and includes robust reporting tools that offer valuable insight into claim data to maximize reimbursements.

  • Improving Organizational Efficiencies to Impact Academic Outcomes and Student Success.

  • Products
    Accelify’s suite of data management systems provide districts with decision support tools that offer visibility into all levels of district operations to create program efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase compliance.
  • Medicaid Claiming Services
    As one of the largest school-based Medicaid claiming companies in the country, Accelify specializes in managing programs that significantly increase Medicaid revenue for school districts.
  • Customization & Integration
    Accelify’s solutions are completely configurable and can be integrated with existing SIS, IEP and other data management systems, providing districts greater flexibility and visibility into their programs.
Accelify’s consulting practice is committed to helping schools improve organizational efficiency to impact academic outcomes and student achievement. Our management consulting practitioners include former district, state and federal-level school administrators who come with a deep understanding of the issues faced by schools today and practical knowledge to inform better decision-making and instill positive change. learn more...

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“We have noticed a remarkable improvement in the level of customer service over prior vendors, the benefits of which couldn't come at a better time for our district.” St. Louis Public Schools.

“Accelify’s billings solution has provided unprecedented visibility into our service data, the claiming cycle, and the remittance process. Accelify’s expert consulting services have also been instrumental to our success. The company consistently provides valuable insight into reimbursement policy and advice on best practices.” District of Columbia Public Schools.