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What Each State Will Get in Federal Title I Grants for Disadvantaged Kids Next Year

April 22, 2019

By: Andrew Ujifusa

Source: Education Week

The last few weeks have shown just how much interest there can be in presidential budget proposals for education. Much of the attention has focused on proposals that tend never to get traction in Congress, like the proposed elimination of Special Olympics aid that Trump quickly backed away from. But what about education spending stats that are more firmly rooted in what Congress has done?

Last month, the U.S. Department of Education released funding tables for several major programs for each state, covering fiscal years 2018, 2019,  and 2020. Let’s focus on the report for state-by-state grants under Title I. That’s the formula-grant program designed to serve disadvantaged students and the single largest pot of money for K-12 in the federal budget. Despite the Trump administration’s attempts to cut the federal budget for fiscal years 2018 and 2019, Congress has given relatively small increases to the Education Department’s budget for each of those years. That trend includes Title I, which is now getting $15.9 billion, compared to $15.5 billion in fiscal 2017. (Trump signed his first spending bills into law for fiscal 2018.)

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